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No.71 Eyelash Curler Short 33mm

$9.49 USD $10.00 USD

Size: 1 pc

  • Let's curl the eyelashes better so that the eyes look beautiful.


  • Curl your eyelashes cleanly, eyes, patchy.


  • Before eyebrows and mascara, curl the eyelashes.


  • Effect of mascara and false eyelashes, obvious.


  • Short size convenient for carrying.


  • Usability is first-class.

  • How To Use

    Do not curl at once, if you hold down 3 to 4 times while shifting from the base to the end, it will be finished in a natural and beautiful curve.
    Keep your eyelashes strongly or pull them as they are sandwiched, so that the lashes may be torn or missing.
    Confirm that the frame hits the center of rubber before use.
    If the frame deforms and it is used without hitting the center of rubber, eyelashes may be torn or missing.
    When rubber is worn, replace with new rubber.
    If you use it as it is, eyelashes may be torn or missing.
    Use spare rubber No.153 for replacement rubber, sister item.


    Body: Steel nickel plating
    Spare rubber: Silicon rubber

    Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.

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